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    Well, I remember when Steve Martin wanted the letter "N" stricken from the English language ... so I guess there is a precedent.
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    The MGM in Vegas had a lion in the front that you walked through and the Chinese said it was bad luck so they changed it.
    There was a house that was just built and the frond door wasn't facing the street. When I ask why they said the people were from India and couldn't have a door facing whatever direction that was. So they put the door on the other side of the house. Who is to say what is over the top.

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    its bad luck to stand in front of a canon while lighting it

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap View Post
    Wiping out a whole number, because of some silly language problem ... seems a little over the top. But, I have heard worse ...

    According to the Google translator, four means ... 四つ ... OMG ... that's FOUR! We're doomed! I'm sorry, we need to call a "spade" a "spade" and be done with it. Traditionalism can be somewhat counterproductive.
    Actually, Elisha is quite right, it won't be called a 4D because of superstition.

    If you take a look back at Canon's product lines, you'll see that there was no S4 or G4 either, for the same reason.
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    so they don't play golf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap View Post
    Okay ... I can honestly wait. I did not buy my new DSLR to shoot movies with it. Plain & simple. I know of a whole bunch of other photographers who also appreciate SONY keeping it "pure", either by "design" or by cautionary involvement. I assure you, the feature is not missed and is often viewed as a "valuable resource eater." Footage takes up space.

    @Ryan: Amazon has the Canon EOS 7D (Kind of an odd-Canon-number for an APS-C 'wannabe FF') on Pre-sale for $1699. You just need some lenses with stability built in EACH ONE ... and man, you should be set. Good luck in the "movies!" I wonder what kind of vertical grip this baby uses?

    I mean, if I didn't have so many SONY-mount lenses, already ... I'd have to buy more! LOL

    (psst, whatever that A7xx is going to be ... it'll knock the socks off this thing! It may be worth the wait ... put down the life preserver.)
    We've all been waiting for an A700 replacement since last year. Waiting, waiting, waiting..... The A550s though, do look like solid upgrades to the A300. Most people are looking for more than that though, hence an A7xx, whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie1263 View Post
    This sounds like a deal. Ready to make the jump Ryan??? LOL


    Canon 4D Official Leak

    Apparently our posts on the possible costs of the Canon 5D replacement attracted some attention at Canon. I have an old friend high up in Canon USA who frequently travels to the home offices in Japan, and he contacted me yesterday with some "allowable leaks." The news is good for Canon fans. The 5D replacement, which will be called the 4D (even Canon balked at the implications of "3D," apparently), will be out by August. It is slated to have an innovative full-frame 31-MP CMOS sensor with switchable IS in-the-body. But the real news is that the full 31-MP is reserved for a "big print" mode, usable only up to ISO 800; the real meat is a half-rez 15.5-MP mode in which the camera gives it highest image quality and best high-ISO performance. In this mode, the camera is said to better the sharpness and resolution of cameras that have no anti-aliasing filters (think Leica M8).

    The 4D will be 19% lighter and approximately 30% smaller than the current 5D. Although the eventual cost will be $2,995, there will be a generous $1,000 rebate for at least the first month after introduction and possibly as long as three months, to counter the formidable challenges expected from Sony and Nikon—making the introductory cost a very aggressive $1,995. "Canon has no intention of relinquishing the leadership position it has gained from decades of innovation and superior products," quoth my contact. The introductory price in the U.K. (where it will be called the 4AD)? A mere £1,049.
    Huh? It's September Frank. There's no way they would go backwards in their numbering, especially to a 4, I find that hard to believe. This camera probably won't be refreshed for some time anyway, at least another year to give it a 2 year life cycle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elisha82 View Post
    Artic Silver was a thermal paste product from them. they had AS3, skipped 4 and had one called Artic Silver Ceramic and Artic Silver 5. This was years ago and since then I have never seen any Japanese product with a 4 in it unless it is 40 or 400.
    I had no idea there was an AS3 lol. I've always known it to be AS5.

    I got some MX-2 and shin-etsu that I'm currently using right now.

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    I used the AS3, AS Alumina, ASC, AS5 and the OCZ variation of the AS5.
    Always wanted to try Shin-Etsu but never got to it.
    Anyway this was all a few years back. I haven't messed with it in almost 3 years.
    I still have some ASC and AS5 somewhere.
    Canon EOS 7D


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