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    A200 - what new lens? action/zoom

    Hi all

    as some of you may have seen my other posts this bit might bore you heh

    just got a new A200 and slowly getting to grips with it. really want to get good at photography but know it will take time. have the 18-70 kit lens. want to shoot action, things from distance (not more than 40yards)

    going to America soon, where kit is a lot cheaper than UK, so am looking for ideas on what to get

    looked at tamron 70-300mm (would need kit lens for 18-70mm) and 18-250 (more expensive) and 18-200 (similar price to 70-300mm but diff range)

    I really am not looking, or able, to spend a fortune. want a decent lens that will do what i need, albeit not amazingly given my budget, but just need advice really on the qualities or if there are others I should look into.

    I know some of you will think I am daft, and thats true, I am a noob after all heh

    I am appreciative of any help

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    The Tamron 70-300mm F/4-5.6 sounds like a perfect lens if you don't mind changing lenses.

    Is the 18-200mm that cheap? I didn't think it was THAT cheap .... the 70-300mm is about $150 USD. The 18-250mm is better than the 18-200mm optically (sharper) and is the best out of the three lenses you've listed.

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