I know we have the SONY POTD (Picture of the Day) going ... and that is a great spot to post your random "good image" for any particular day, but this thread I hope will address what you consider is your "best image", so far.

Now, I know this is kind of "putting it out there, a little" so to speak , but hey ... you can always post another image later on, which you feel is better than the last one you submitted. The idea is to PUSH yourself and see what shows up at the "finished" line.

I believe that modesty is not really a part of being on this board. Take a walk on the wild side, believe in your work and you are invited to post it. We all learn from one another and, to me, it feels like a constant climb toward improvement.

Will we ever rival the photographic trendsetters and Gods of portraiture? Perhaps not, but what is the harm in trying? You could be just one click away from ...

the most important shot of your life!

Hey ... I have an idea ... go through your files ... pick the stellar image you have produced ... and let's see it!