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    Canon 5D Mark ll & DBuys.com Buyers BEWARE!

    Canon 5d Mark ll
    DBuys.com misleads and lies about selling Canon USA Cameras.
    DBUYS.com are NOT authorized CANON dealers. DBUYS.com sell Gray market cameras with NO Canon WARRANTY cards even after specifying with the sales people and their customer service people that you want to buy a USA Canon Camera & USA Canon Warranty.
    Once you have the camera and realize the scam, they will promise to send warranty cards, to prolong the return time period and then charge re-stocking fees or deny returns with RMA.
    They have my $3600. I have no Warranty and its not covered by Canon. They have sent me two defective cameras with the promise of USA warranty cards and have not delivered and will not allow returning the product. Beware, they know the system and will scam unsuspecting customers!

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    They have a fairly good reputation on resellerratings.com, but you know that as you've posted this there. There are several comments about them shipping non-US warranty cameras after promising US warranty items.

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