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Rooz, then how do you guys control ratio grouping? I keep hearing about ratios on Nikons. Or is it just that the flashes are smart enough to know how close they are to the subject and control the flash output dynamically rather than a preset ratio? I know that CLS has something extra that Sony doesn't.
each flash can be set to its own group, (up to 4), so they can each be set individually for their power. either all TTL or even a mix of TTL/ M. so for example...

on camera light: M 1/64
key light - TTL
fill light: TTL (-2EV)
rim light: M 1/4

this is done on the in camera menu, or on an sb800 flash mounted to hotshoe...or an su800 etc.

each flash measures distance to the subject individually, not just one measurement pumped out to all units. the beauty of it is...it WORKS. and works damn well.

If the body doesn't do it, then it is no different than Sony's implementation at all!
remember the d300 has the "same sensor" as the a700 yes ? and look at the performance difference...night and day. so this is not just about the hardware, its about the knowledge base in the software so where the rubber hits the road, ie: when the camera is at your eye and you click the shutter, the system DOES what the marketing TELLS you its gonna do.