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    The argument is not about glass ... this time. It's about the movement to eliminate the APS-C sensors from higher-end DSLRs. I am of the belief that intro-cameras will eventually be determined by their use of APS-C sensors ... and anything higher will be Full Frame of whatever "type" the future brings. The tide has shifted. Just watch what the market does.

    So stop the lens comparisons ... they do not apply, other than the use of APS-C lenses eventually being eliminated on the non-intro DSLR cameras.

    They said the A900 would never be able to image-stabilize ... yeah, 'jekostas' ... sound like a familiar song? That sure shut up a host of SONY "non-fans" right quick. Nothing new from Canon, that was for sure.

    And 'Rooz' ... if you are going to quote me, do it right ... "Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera, that gives you the most improvement in your photography. Refrain from "INTRO" lenses."

    "Usually" being the operative word in this discussion ... meaning, "not always"

      /ˈyuʒuəl, ˈyuʒwəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [yoo-zhoo-uhl, yoozh-wuhl] Show IPA
    Use usually in a Sentence
    1. habitual or customary: her usual skill.
    2. commonly met with or observed in experience; ordinary: the usual January weather.
    3. commonplace; everyday: He says the usual things.

    Related forms:
    u⋅su⋅al⋅ly, adverb
    u⋅su⋅al⋅ness, noun

    1. accustomed. Usual, customary, habitual refer to a settled and constant practice. Usual indicates something that is to be expected by reason of previous experience, which shows it to occur more often than not: There were the usual crowds at the celebration. Something that is customary is in accordance with prevailing usage or individual practice: It is customary to finish up with a bonfire. That which is habitual has become settled or constant as the result of habit on the part of the individual: The merchants wore habitual smiles throughout the season. 2. general, prevailing, prevalent, familiar, regular. 3. expected, predictable.

    Everyone needs a little wiggle room.
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    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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