APS-C as a cheaper start ... but, step up and away, completely

This subject occasionally comes up and I am curious about how the membership feels about abandoning APS-C as a "serious contender" when you move up through the earlier models of the SONY line.

Other manufacturers are still making a run with APS-C (witness the new Pentax K-7)

Remember, the α700 was the pre-cursor and developmental body to the α900. Now, that we apparently have a second and affordable Full Frame body (α850) in the line-up, does that ring in the end of the high-end APS-C camera?

Personally, I have always felt the Full Frame should be the final result of all this development ... eliminating the the APS-C class as the "working camera" and restoring the balance for further lens builds and development to a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

Anyone care to weigh in?