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    Pentax K7 and complaints

    I've sort of being following reviews and comments on Pentax's latest and allegedly greatest, the K7. It seems that there are some serious problems with this camera. Hot pixels, lines on images, noisy images, level correction trouble and overall some ghastly QC issues. Its also a fairly expensive unit, and it seems pretty serious considering that the competition, i.e. Nikon and Canon seem to have quite a mature act when it comes to new units.

    But what do you guys think about it?

    Here's a good resource on following Pentax talk:

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    I don't have a dog in this fight, but that blogger is an idiot. I wouldn't trust him to evaluate a toothpick.

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    I agree with David.

    RiceHigh was a semi-regular on pentaxforums. Always (rightly) got flamed, though not by me. I never replied to his posts, and I think I only read a part of his blog once. Barf. Supposedly, he finally left pentaxforums about a month ago. People were still ragging on him after he left. I have not been back to PF since and do not plan to check in (until I want to read about these numerous K-7 flaws).

    You might as well read Lord Ken Rockwell, too. He is pretty funny.
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    I think all manufacturers have had introductory teething troubles with a new model from time to time. The Canon 1Dmk3 autofocus tracking, the Leica M8 IR filter, and wasn't there a recent announcement from Nikon about the on-off switch on one of the new models - D5000?

    Sh*t happens. What counts is how well, and how fast, it's fixed.

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    No comment.

    I wouldn't flame Ken Rockwell too much, SOME of the stuff makes sense. I read through his things with a grain of salt and remove as much of his blog-ego posturing, then apply my own knowledge, I can say i haven't agreed with alot of stuff ken has written, but i've never regretted it to the point where i thought i completely wasted my time either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricehigh
    July 11: A DPR user complained about the Vertical Line, which destroyed his originally should be very nice picture
    So hes big on exagerating too? Who can't remove a simple what 4 pixel wide line? please.
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    Even the 5D Mk. II had a few glitches with dark pixels that can be seen when enlarging. They fixed it with a firmware update. The real advantage to Canon and Nikon are their glass. Far superior, IMHO.

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