Have just ordered my new Sony alpha DSLR 200; I'm a keen 'amateur' photographer although my interest has slipped a bit in recent years - when I was younger I used to be a bit obsessive, although I never had the best kit I think I did pretty good; I used to have a second hand Olympus film SLR which I absolutely loved, since that finally gave up the ghost and I lost a bit of interest/time, I've been making do with various entry-levelish digital cameras, most recently the Exilim 100 which I have to admit was fantastic, and did me proud for some wonderful photos, most recently of last year's Venice carnival (hard to go wrong there, I admit).

Unfortunately that too is now out of commision and so I have decided to spend the bit extra in replacing it and try to recapture my past interest; I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to getting my hands on an SLR again!

Anyway - I know most of you on here are WAY above my level, and I have read with interest the 'sticky' thread on replacement lenses; I am sure I will end up agreeing with you all about the kit lens in time but for the moment it will do for me (I hope!), and I will leave spending another £200 plus on lenses for another day, with a few more months of getting used to the camera under my belt.

What I AM interested in atm is the stuff I NEED right now - and I'm thinking more of filters? I'm guessing a lot of you will have experience with the 200 or similar cameras, and just to give you a little info I am planning to put the camera through its paces on two very different (in terms of lighting, for current discussion) holidays soon - the Llangollen (Wales) canal, and Cyprus. Do I need a UV filter, and/or a polarisng filter, to get the best out of the camera (and the kit lens!) across this range of conditions, or is the in-camera adjustment good enough?

Any advice appreciated, sorry for the long post - bit of a 'hello' too. So, um, Hello. Too.