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I honestly do not believe if you told people during a professional interview that you simply shoot the image, over and over, until it looks right that you would get hired. I would hazard to say that most models would walk out on you, by you doing that kind of thing.
Sorry Don, but you are blatantly, incredibly, fantastically, WRONG here. Models are paid by session fee, not picture, and if you're shooting products you only have them for a set amount of time. You take as many pictures as you possibly can, even if it's the same pose a couple dozen times, to make sure that you get one good enough to go in print, online, or be sold. You take pictures, adjust, take picture, adjust, ad nauseum until you've covered every variable you can think of, especially if it's a pose marked as a must in the contract. Models know this, they expect this. Only an amateur would walk out or expect otherwise.

YES, I've shot professionally in a studio environment, since you're going to ask.