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    Exclamation A bit more of a problem using DSLRs and lots of lenses.

    Recently, I had been having aperture issues with a couple lenses, but not all of them. My SONY 50mm f/1.4 and the SIGMA 10-20mm f/4-5.6 DC EX were the primary couple that had, what I would term, “intermittent aperture issues”, during shooting. My other lenses were performing fine, which would logically lead you to believe your two lenses were … “bad.”

    Well, after some rather unusual testing … using AUTO and MANUAL Modes, I noticed that:

    1) In Manual Mode, the aperture was indicating whatever I choose, but not necessarily at that aperture when the shutter released.
    2) In AUTO Mode, the aperture setting was BLANK or just two dashes (--), indicating a “no lens” condition. (Hey, the lens was on there!)

    I have determined that the contact pin on my camera, when using these two lenses, was not striking the contact on the lens firmly enough to work ALL THE TIME. It was, truly, intermittent. Believe me, these kind of problems can be really “hairy” -> Now, it works … now, it doesn’t.

    The worst of all this is … I am mostly a MANUAL shooter … and do not use the camera’s AUTO settings much at all. So this “missing lens” detail did not even come up under most shooting circumstances. The camera simply told the lens what to close down to and that was all she wrote. The problem is, the lens did NOT get that message.

    Anyway, what it boils down to is the rather ‘advanced use’ my camera has gotten over the past two years. All of the lens change-offs are finally taking their toll. I mention this as merely a reference point for people who may eventually come to this weird crossroad. Like “Information Technology (IT) issues” they rarely repeat, but when they do … it sometimes helps to have someone, way back when, report what they had found in the reference material database.

    So, if you start seeing your camera overexposing for no apparent reason … clean those eight gold lens contacts in the camera’s lens mount and physically inspect them for equal and proper length projection.
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