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    z650 power problems

    I have a z650 camera which has been a nightmare the last few months, I have not really used it much but now the camera keeps shutting down , I replaced the battery and always made sure it was fully charged, I cleaned the contacts, Most of the camera store, repair places want at least $100 to look at it, that is hardly worth it, has anyone one else had this problem and have an inexpensive fix?

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    Sorry for the delay, I just returned from vacation-

    It sounds like you have done all of the logical things. When you can buy a new Canon A-590 for $125 with 8mp, IS, 4X optical zoom, full manual and automatic controls, in a nicely sized compact package, repair does not seem to be a very viable option.

    Another option is to look for a used 650Z on E-Bay.

    Sarah Joyce

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