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    Should I buy a D40- is it to little to late now

    Hi guys,

    I was so sure that I was going to buy a Canon P&S sx10 IS, but then found that it snot good for low light. Then looked at the canon G10, which is pricey. Looked at Canon Xsi, over my budget and now I am looking at the D40 again, Amazon has it for $420 which is only $60 more than the sd10 is. So I am thinking why not get the d40.

    I would really like a lens (not pricey) that gives me zoom and also I can take close ups. I don't think I am the kind of person who will keep changing lenses. This camera will be for taking family,indoor,low light,birthday,vacation pics. along with other stuff that I might like to click.

    So would it be a good idea to get this camera,now since its old and has been replaced by d60.

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    what is your total budget ? a d40 with the 18-105VR is a good match. good range, has VR, pretty cheap. the 18-55 is a little too short for all purpose use and the 18-200 is going to be too pricey for you.

    however, this will not allow you to take macro, (close up), pictures per se. for that you will need something like a sigma 18-50/ 2.8 lens which can focus quite close, buying a close up filter or getting a dedicated macro lens aswell as your normal lens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sid369 View Post
    So would it be a good idea to get this camera,now since its old and has been replaced by d60.

    As long as you don't tell the camera that it has been replaced then it will continue to be happy and take nice photos.
    If the D40 has the features you like, is the size you are after and is priced at what you want to spend then why not buy it?
    I'd start with the 18-105VR lens if you can that will give you a resonable range plus VR to help you in lower light. You say you don't want to change lenses but if you really do a lot of low light photos you may find that later on something like the 35mm f1.8 might suit you better. That's the advantage of DSLR as your needs or wants change you can change lenses.
    You might also want to keep an eye out for an external flash (SB400 or SB600) as well for low light family stuff.

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    For indoor and low light pictures, I would suggest you get an SB-600 flash unit.

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    The D40 will be the least risky choice to buy judging by its cost-not much to lose if it isn't the camera you want. Getting it sooner also means you are giving yourself more time to learn about dSLRs in general-they are quite different beasts than point-and-shoots.

    Anyways, if you look on the internet hard enough, you will find nikon's planned release dates that may or may not be true (rumour has it that these dates were leaked).
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    I am thinking about buyinh a D700, but would also love to pickup a D40 as well. It takes cleaner, higher ISO shots than the D40x and has 1/500 of a sec flash sync speed. It is an excellent picture taker. Does it have ALL the bells and whistles? Absolutely not, but it does exactly what its meant to do- take great photos. I would trade my D40x straight up for a D40- that's how good I think the camera is features-to-price. And it can be had on CL for $300!
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    sid369, my suggestion will come as no big surprise in this instance... imho I believed it was a good deal and package at $599 and @ $420 it's a great deal @ 2/3s the cost. For the money where's the down side
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    If you want to save even a little bit more, www.newegg.com has a recertified (their term for manufacturer refurbished) D40 with 18-55II (non-VR) for $359, while supplies last. Newegg is a first rate retailer, though photography equipment is not what they are primarily known for. I buy computer parts for the systems I build through them and they are very reliable.
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    D40 is still a good DSLR to start with.
    The model chain --> D40/D60 -->> D3000 (Coming soon).
    As you said, you budget is low. It's better to get DSLR rather prosumer (sd10).
    For DSLR, there are too much option but need more money to spent.
    1) Faster prime/longer Zoom lens
    2) Ext Flash (SB400/600/900)
    3) Tripod
    4) Dry Box

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    Hi guys,

    I am still torn between buying a dslr or a superzoom, there is need to spend a lot of money if I consider a dslr, whereas with a superzoom P&S, its just once you have to fork out the money.

    You guys have a lot of experience, do you think I should get a superzoom with no hassle of changing the lens, fear of dust getting into body or just go with a dslr.

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