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Thread: Lens Repair

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    Lightbulb Lens Repair

    The subject of lens repair comes up, now and then, with people buying EBAY cast offs ... and usually people let lenses go, because they have either dropped them, or the warranty expired and some went wrong with it.

    My experience tells me that the seller rarely tells the buyer of some "unknown" defect and the lens is sold "as is."

    I do not subscribe to this policy. I get my lenses repaired and then they get sold, if they are no longer used. I do not sell them until they are working properly and "as designed." Even that sometimes results in having to send it back to the repair facility a number of times to get it properly corrected. I am still having exposure issues with the SIGMA 10-20mm f/4-5.6 overexposing, after it was supposedly repaired back in January (09) by SIGMA. I originally turned it in for being "soft." They sharpened it up, but now it has this exposure issue. Go figure.

    Normally, I write this up and submit it as a thread on the forum, to keep the members aware of problems that I encounter, just doing the normal day-to-day stuff digital photography requires of us.

    The average repair charge that is currently in effect is roughly $90 (according to a recent repair request), depending on the problem, of course. Normal cleaning, adjusting, focusing ... is roughly that. If it is a parts issue and out-of-warranty, the costs have been as high as $165. That was for standard rime lenses. Obviously, bigger zooms and monster primes will be substantially higher.

    Just earlier in the year, I turned in a lens for repair and was informed that SONY no longer supported it ... and they actually bought it back from me, for about 95% of what I paid for it. I still have the pieces of it that weren't submitted for repair. (Lens hood, filter, lens caps) I figure that's easily worth the missing 5% of what I paid for it, so we're square. They have since retired the lens from production, as of April 2009.

    Anyway, since I was asked, I figure I would share this.
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