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    Okay, for those of you who haven't been to a SONY Style store for your DSLR, yet ... standby to be unimpressed. Here is Don's virtual trip, today ...

    There are two Alphas trapped in this case (below) ... a discontinued A200 and a discontinued silver A300.

    What??? That's it?

    Yeah, wasn't that a panic? Just about five lenses better than a trip to Best Buy. I have to say, this is embarrassing. That's all the active SONY support in the whole area (Chicago), other than third party retailers ... and basically, their lackadaisical support isn't even worth complaining about. Just ask them!

    Cripes, there was more to see at PMA! and they didn't even have anything new ... or for sale!

    In fact, this issue was acknowledged and got so hot, that DYXUM (<- click here) actually locked the thread, one day after it started. I guess that kind of figures, because the truth hurts. "Photographic truth" hurts even more! They'd rather waste time discussing the 'off-color' of some darn filter or lens, than improve the overall impact of the "SONY Experience." Take a look, if you can ... and see for yourself. This problem may just be relative ... but, I expect this problem will eventually touch us all. Ignoring it solves nothing. Admitting it ... that is the road to recovery.

    I still point to my signature ... where it has almost always said, "There's no money in this ... it's just "love of the game." I just want a better game.
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