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    Angry "SONY Style" stores are hardly worth the trip ... for your DSLR

    I have one major complaint that I have been living with, concerning SONY DSLRs (regardless of the model), because it is not the camera that is the problem. It is the god-awful support! There just isn’t any to speak of.

    For example:

    You go into a SONY Style store and ask for the camera counter. They direct you back to a glass display containing the cameras and a few (meager) selection of their lower end lenses. When you get back there, you expect to find a reasonably informed sales person that knows something about what they are selling.

    That is mistake #1 , because in the entire store, manager included, there is not one person that can tell the difference between what an APS-C and FF can do, other than what is written on the small card in the card holder. Folks, I can read, too. There is no “expert” for the camera department, not even its manager. Most of them have not even seen a Carl Zeiss lens, other than the CZ 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 kit lens.

    Going further, you would hope to be able to properly demonstrate the A900 to yourself. Mistake #2! The only lenses the SONY Style stores have that are “full frame” in design are a couple of primes, the 50mm f/1.4 and the 100mm f/2.8 MACRO. No serious zoom lens. Everything else is “DT”. I’m sorry, but if I am going to plunk down $2500 for a new camera body, you had better have a CZ 24-70mm f/2.8 and/or a 70-200mm f/2.8 G SSM lens to make it sing. It is pointless to try and examine that camera with anything less to understand its capability.

    So, we have:
    1. effectively useless support staff (I mean, this is THEIR store, not Best Buy or some such place) and
    2. a severe lack of available equipment (lenses, flashes, whatnot) for the cameras.

    I’m just pointing out a couple issues that are, in my opinion, “sales killers” and a real disappointment to people who have already purchased their new SONY DSLR and are now looking to add to their lens bag. Plus, other SONY-mount manufacturers (TAMRON & SIGMA) are not even carried in the SONY Style stores, so those sales and demonstrations are lost, completely.

    Man … the SONY DSLR marketing plan is a complete failure, in my estimation, and its director/VP should be fired for malfeasance and a lack of vision. It truly needs to change, before everyone finds out and just blows SONY off as a “non-player.” Invest in your future, SONY. I mean it. Just advice that really needs some attention from a concerned fan.
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