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    Basic/Mid Range and Advance camera advice

    I need to purchase some cameras for teachers to use who will have varying levels of skill. We decided on Canon.

    1. For image/video quality which should we consider between the SD1200, SD1100, SD770 and SD 850?

    2. Same question for the G10, SX1, SX10, SX200.

    3. Same question for DSLR cameras in the lower end of the range.

    Thanks for any advice/help!!!!!

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    1. They all have excellent image quality and video capability. The SD1200 is the newest of the group and has the most up to date features so that's what I'd go with.
    2. The SX10is has the best combination of features at a reasonable price.
    3. The Canon Rebel XS is Canon's cheapest DSLR but it's very good nonetheless. It does not have video however. For a Canon DSLR with video you need to step up to the Rebel T1i.
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    But SX10i is big and heavy. Of what will the teachers take pictures?
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    Err, if you have a teacher with the skill level for a DSLR, then why not let that teacher pick it?!?!

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