It can drive you mad, but waiting for the new upgrade for the A700 is rather annoying. There are so many things that can be improved upon, without even broaching the subject of built-in video nonsense or GPS.

My biggest concerns are:
  • Adding a better (more AF points, in better groupings) and faster focusing system
  • Having more range control over noise issues (1600+)
  • maintaining compatibility with the existing vertical grip
  • Ratio control over remote flash units
  • HSS with the built-in flash
  • Micro adjust (for Rooz) that works for all lenses, not just SONY (this might begin to solve some film-lens issues)
  • Active DOF calculator
  • Better compatibility identifying lenses mounted on it. (Let's face it, there are only so many SONY-mount lenses out there )

You may add you own thoughts to this posting and I hope you do. The A700 was kick-butt start to the really workable system, but we ain't there, yet.