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    Lightbulb Inspiration & Perspiration

    You know ...

    A lot of new photographers (under a two year experience) tend to believe that their inspiration will carry them through on their shooting, they just have to learn how to shoot it. This is Inspiration (a wonderful thing) and Perspiration ( a necessary thing to make your "Inspiration" a reality).

    Unfortunately, inspiration doesn't last that long. Like a love affair with the most beautiful of women ... your 'favorite meal' gets a little jaundiced after a while and you need something to re-inspire you on your merry way. In photography, often a novel-looking subject provides -> Inspiration. You will work long and hard to reproduce your inspired shot, hoping the light holds up and the subject doesn't disappear. With any luck, you get your shot ... but, now what? That mission was accomplished and you are now left with the bill for the gear you used and now ... no subject left to shoot. -> Perspiration!

    So the cycle continues ... only your inspiration doesn't show up. You've got all this gear and no place to play. What do you do? Where do you go? How are you going to explain it to the 'SO' (<- see definition in 'Common SONY Photography Acronyms' thread posting)?

    I find that when I need a solution to this problem, I look at other people's work, in magazines, books, and other publications. I look at the basic concept of the shot and imagine how I would shoot it ... with what I have on hand. I then explore notion of doing something similar to inspire another sequence of "directed perspiration", which is really just way of saying doing what we love to do, because "getting there" is half the fun!

    Of course you don't want to spend half your life setting up every shot up. Framing can be magical and a few "gimmes" along the way are always welcome. But, do not fool yourself. This is legitimate work. People pay for what is produced. They need it, they want it ... you can make it happen. You have the tool ... you should be developing the knowledge and skill to produce the 'final product.' So, take a deep breath and ...


    The camera only does what YOU tell it to, nothing more. Take charge of your hobby ... and blow 'em away with it.
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