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    Wink Easyshare C813 lens replacement

    I currently have a kodak easyshare c813 but something is wrong with the lens. i have another lens but don't have any idea how to go about taking the camera apart and putting it back together properly. does anyone have any instructions?

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    A goner?

    If you can't somehow figure out what's wrong with the lens whilst it's still on the camera (BTW do you mean optically, or mechanically?) then I wouldn't even be thinking of disassembling it. And there's simply no "instructions" out there anyway -- even if you wanted to.

    It's not really viable spending any money at all to get the camera fixed by a technician either, as it was only worth around $80 this time last year.

    I'd probably suggest buying a new cam altogether if you can't ultimately fix yours for free.

    Check out these two from Fuji here.

    Hope this helps.

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