I purchased a glass from this mob: http://www.blueflymobile.com.au/Tamr...-Aspherical-IF

I recieved it last weekend and took a few photos - all nice and sharp from my untrained eye and from a novice point of view.

However, I couldn't not find the button where it says AF/MF (auto/manual focus). Having not read the manual, I proceeded to hand-rotate (manual focus).

I then had a good look at the lens and the manual (the manual have an AF/MF button for this model- A16) but not present on the lens itself.

Heres what is written on the lens.

Aspherical LD XR DiII SP TAMRON AF 17-50mm 1:2:8 (IF) 67 (diameter - just added this) A16

Have I got the right one based on the link above or have I been duped.