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    low budget camera for me!

    Hello, I've searched every possible review I found and I have concluded to these two cameras:
    -Panasonic FS3
    -Canon A1000IS

    I would like to have as clear-sharp images as I can get with the less possible noise.
    The 2MP difference does not bother me at all as I am not a big fan of high resolutions and my first thought is to go for the FS3 for its compact size(I already have an ultrazoom bridge and I want something small).
    Also if the 60sec shutter speed is not just a commercial trick it would be certainly a +++ as I do astrophotography and my other camera goes only 30sec exposure (I know I should get a dslr).

    Knowing the fact that I should not expect much what would you reccomned in this low budget category?
    Focus times, shutter lag could be not important if one camera stands out in sharp images or night performance.

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    Astrophotography is pretty specialized. So I would buy from an outfit that makes returns easy. And figure there is a 50/50 chance the first purchase will go back!

    Kelly Cook
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    I don't think either of these cameras are going to take high quality images with the shutter open for 60 seconds. That will lead to lots and lots of noise especially on small sensors.

    Both are reasonable camera choices but neither is very good at low light no flash performance.

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    One thing to keep in mind is battery cost. If your camera doesn't ship with a rechargeable battery, you could end up having to buy one or keep buying AA batteries. It looks like the DMC-FS3A does come with a Lithium-ion Battery Pack. You may also want to check out the Samsung SL102. That is about the same price range and is a 10.2 megapixel camera.
    Phil Tompson

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    I already have NiMh AA batteries so that is not an issue. Can you tell me from 1 to 10 If someone has worked with either one of these how they perform in:
    Picture Quality
    Low light Condition
    Shutter lag+autofocus times
    Video quality

    I know not to expect too much in this budget but still I? want to make a suitable choice.
    Thanks for your replies

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    Panasonic FS4 is in the list, I find it in a store cheaper than FS3 and also panasonic FS6 but only if they have sharper optics.
    I haven't seen any review of FS6 or FS4 can someone help?
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