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    NB-5L Battery for Cannon SD890IS

    I'm planning on getting a Canon SD890IS and I want to buy an extra battery. The Canon battery costs 44 dollars on Amazon, while there's some third party batteries that are like 12 or 15. I'm kinda assuming that the third party ones aren't very good, seeing as this is how it works with most technology, but I figured I'd check. So should I go with the Canon battery, or would any of the third parties be ok? Thanks for the help.

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    Many third party batteries are fine, and offer significant savings - sometimes even improved capacity over the OEM battery. If you're worried, go for a reputable manufacturer (Ansmann, Energiser, Hama, Hahnell etc.) and a trustworthy supplier - avoid the ebay HongKong cheapo specials.

    I've been using a third party battery in my Pentax K20D for the last 6 months, alternating with the original, and they seem to last just as long as each other.

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    I bought my spare NB-5L battery from B&H or Newegg, not sure which. It's worked fine for me. The 3rd party one currently offered on Newegg has some awful reviews, so I'm not sure I'd go with that one right now. The brand I got isn't offered currently.

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    I bought one extra NB-5L battery on Uxsight, just place an order, haven't receive it. Only for the price is attractive,

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