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    need to take close up pics of coins, which camera?

    I know next to nothing about digital cameras so I thought I would ask the experts. I need to take a lot of close up detailed pictures of coins and was wondering if someone could give me some advice on a camera or type of camera to purchase? I have a digital camera a 6 mp very offbrand one, it works fine for general pictures, kids etc. but I can not get a good close up one of a coin with it, they come out very blurred, out of focus and these need to be very sharp to see the coin faces clearly. Do I need an optical zoom? How much of one? My camera has none. I don't need the pictures to be very large 5x7 at the most so I am looking at a 3 or so megapixel, which is in my budget. If anyone could help explain what it is I need to take a good sharp clear very close picture that would be very helpful. I am looking at some of the older olympus, Kodak and HP models in the 3mp class and they seem to look pretty good. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks very much.

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    Canon Powershots take good closeups and don't cost all that much.
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    You need a camera with good macro mode, but most modern cameras have good macro. Then you need a small tripod and some good lighting.

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