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Thread: henry

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    Olympus C750 Ultra Zoom

    hi i have an olympus c750 with a problem when writing to the card
    horizontal bars can be seen on the picture screen when reviewing a photo
    but not immediately after taking it or when reviewing movies.
    bars arent present on the screen prior to taking the photo!
    any suggestions on a fix please.
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    Is it only on one particular card? Although you do not say, I assume that the same bars are present when the files are transferred to a computer?

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    hi kgosden
    sorry i haven't responded quickly, been away for a while
    yes the bars are tranferred to the pc & its any card i use
    & i have several of different capacities.
    it appears to be the result of the camera writing to the card
    on stills only since it doesn't show on immediate reviews or on video
    clips, only shows when reading from the card on reviews.

    best regards


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    Flip of a coin?

    Unfortunately Henry, I'm guessing from the erratic symptoms that you're looking at a quote from a camera repair technician.

    Big question: Is it worth spending any money on possibly repairing a six-year-old camera that was very good way back when but is now fairly low-specced compared to current offerings out there?

    Might be time to upgrade... maybe.


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