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    Ryan, I usually shoot in AdobeRGB ... then edit in Adobe RGB ... and print in AdobeRGB. But when I normally shrink my images and export them to the Web ... I run them through the "Save for Web & Devices ..." in PS CS4. That instantly converts them to sRGB ... and the file is ready for publication. If I were to save using "Save as" or "Save" while it was still in AdobeRGB colorspace ... the image would lack saturation and look washed out in the Green-Cyan-Blue gamut.

    I don't know if you remember, but I got caught up in that with the Sparkster's daughter-in-law portrait. I had to go back and run it through that "Save for Web & Devices ..." step, because it looked rather tragic ... all washed out (still in its original AdobeRGB colorspace form) ... and someone nailed me for it. I swear, I just don't get paid enough for this abuse!
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