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    Thumbs up Summer, up North

    Looks like I'll be spending some time away ... cleaning up and packing up a relative's home, up in the Northwoods. While I was up there, over the weekend, I came across a Minolta SRT 101. Yeah, one of the "original" SLRs.

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    Man, is this a blast from my past high school days. I'm adding it to my "inventory", for sure. Talk about the 1974-connection. Whoa. Not only that, it comes with a 58mm f/1.4(16) (M.F.D. = 22 inches) MC Rokkor lens and a 2x T/C. Look at the condition of that leather case ... you have to love it.

    Anyway ... I'm going back with the canoe, the SONY DSLRs and make a real trip out of it. A couple weeks of rest and relaxation. The neighbor has a big ol' float boat. I am going to get that Eagle that I've been chasing, one of these days.
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