Hi, could someone help me with this noob question, please.

I have children which are in primary school and often, they have a 'recital' or an 'item' as we call it here in the land of Oz.

Often, the hall they are in is not very bright - there is only one door open with hardly any natural light coming in.....and plenty of light bulbs at the front of the stage and mostly fluorescent lighting spread about.

The closest I could get to the stage to take my shots is approx 20-25 meters.

I use a 18-70mm lens (i know its a kit but that's all I can afford at the moment...), and 55-200 and sometimes 100-300mm (waiting for my 17-50mm Tammy). I shoot at a really hight ISO, and lowest aperture the lens will allow.

If I shoot at low shutters speed, my shots are blurry (of course!) and at high speed, I just can't get the right light on my camera screen.

I was thinking of bringing in a monopod, but it may be a bit too much.

Sorry for the long, winded explanation.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.