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This talk on this thread was about any differences between the A900 in FF and crop mode at the same magnification. The answer being that there is none; DOF and Bokeh are identical.

So you've just spent a load of dosh upgrading to a FF camera with a more sensitive sensor and "there are some small differences"; I hope so.

Absolutely the DOF (and therefore the Bokeh) of the 50mm f1.4 on your FF D700 will be different when it's on the APS-C D300; how could it be otherwise?

If you want the DOF to be the same (why would you?) you'll have move your feet until the magnification is exactly the same and you'll have to be accurate to a fraction of an inch. Don't know how you'll manage that.
Think he means small subtle differences, but I'm sure he also enjoys the wider FOV (look new words!), one that you could only otherwise enjoy on a 35mm film camera.