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    I don't expect the Minoltas to drop much. Too many people worry about going full frame. If you are buying a sub-$200 lens when a $300 version is available you probably aren't going to full frame any time soon. Still people think it is important. Also the Minolta 1.7 and 1.4 are proven "excellent" lenses. The new Sony is (apparently) a new design and people won't think of it as a proven good lens. It will be a good lens, but people will buy one for $150 after having the MinO 1.7 and expect it to be better, and get on forums and complain. And people will start hunting eBay for the old ones again.

    The prices on the 1.7s are purely hype. Same problem on Canon, the older metal designed Mk I 50/1.8 sells for as much as $200. It is built a little better, but it is the same optics as the Mk II, which sells brand new with warranty for $90.

    I'm with Don on this... if there is a modern version with similar quality for a similar price, go for it. Warranty and newer coatings are worth it.
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