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Personally, I find it rather amusing that the ones whining about "no video" inside are the Canoikers, not SONY DSLR owners.
uhhhh .... I've been saying it. I would like video and it's been quite a disappointment.

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Obviously, 'Rooz' ... you are projecting ... which is your way, I suppose and you are entitled to it.

I have been rather consistent in my personalizations and am not asking for your agreement or otherwise. I still own my A700 (SONY's Gen I Prosumer DSLR) and have not felt the need to "upgrade" from it, unlike the 3 Prosumer upgrades that have followed the Canon EOS 20D, from roughly the same period.

I am not complaining about much of anything, short of a better noise-resolution algorithm for the sensor. So, beat up on SONY as you want ... they still stuck it up the big two's rear-gear with one humdinger of a DSLR and its big, relatively lost-cost, anti-shake brother (A900). It was worth the time ... go Minolta! Oops, SONY!

I can only imagine SONY's reintroduction of their A200-300 series was to correct and provide some capability that was overlooked in the previous edition. Instead of the infamous Mark II or III chosen by some companies ... they rolled the models up a notch. I am pretty sure the P&S converts will appreciate the improvements, overall, despite not be able to image and produce a mini-movie inside private locations.

and finally, no, I am not anticipating the purchase of any of these "new" camera bodies. I have already learned my photography lessons for the decade.

Anyway, from the WHAT IT'S WORTH Department ... the New α380 shooting through some newly released glass (<- click on this link) versus the older 18-70 "PUG"
The cameras really are a mark 2 revision. It's the same internals, different body, new kit lens. (Which looks considerably better, thanks for the link.)