i need a camera that works well in lower light situations
since i use it for music/theatrical productions and occasionally for outside
work. (and yes, if i had the money, maybe i'd be going with the e3 or something pricier/viewed as "professional" but that's the reality of the situation. so is the fact that i haven't been comfortable working with my Canon XTI over the past year even though i have taken some very nice shots.)

been reading reviews/opinions and i keep going back and forth between
e510 and e520. 1

1)is the e520 sharpness really that bad or is it simply a matter of doing a correction on the camera? i've read and seen some e510 shots that seem a bit sharper but the e520 seems to be better quicker at autofocus.

2)is the e510 really that slow, and when you say slow are you talking a couple seconds or...?

3) is the Live View really that much better on the 520 than the 510 to make it worth it?

4) is the 520 autofocus really that much faster than the 510?

i think those are my main fine points of debate.
pricewise, i'm finding some 520s with body only for under $400 right now. don't know why, but if i choose that camera, the sale price will be fine by me.

thanks very much for your assistance!