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    I don't think photographers want video much, but I think cinema shooters want a cheaper way to shoot "real" video, especially with the really high quality glass available.

    I guess I got into this too late, and neither of the links at the beginning point to anything interesting. I'm guessing the Russian site had up specs?

    Maybe Sony is hopping around and testing out new info on different sites? Weird.

    Edit: Found it at photoclubalpha.

    They are um... different. I'm very interested in holding one. I think Sony is really focusing on the point and shoot consumer market, these don't really include any new features for photographers. The live view was like this, but I'm getting the vibe that Sony is kinda doing an "if we can't beat CaNikon head on, lets do something different, go for a different market."

    I hope the new A700 is really nice, and has some nice reasonably priced lenses to go with it.
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