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    Olympus Fe-110 wont take picture

    My sister in law has an Olympus Fe-110 5.0 megapixel. The camera will not take pictures, It turns on and the zoom will come on and then it shuts off. She has changed batteries to be sure that is not the problem, anybody have any idea what could be the problem besides time to put it to rest. She has had it several years, but not really used it that much. Thanks for any infor.

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    Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to diagnose something like this (especially from a distance), so I'm thinking the camera's gonna end up in the refuse. Sorry.

    The Olympus FE 110 was a fairly basic camera even 4 years ago when it was released, so it's not really feasible to even think of spending money to get it fixed. She'd be far better off buying a current model that'll have better features, performance and image quality than the FE 110.

    There's any number of new compacts (like her FE 110) from all the big name manufacturers that will do a perfectly adequate job of "snapshooting" for around $100.

    She might like something like this Olympus FE 3000 which will let her use her current xD cards, and save a few bucks.


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    Beowulff, thanks a million. I kinda though it might be ready for the trash bin. Thank you also for the link to the Olympus FE 3000. I am getting kinda hooked on Adorama anyway. This looks like it might be a nice gift for her. Thank you for answering my post so rapidly too. Regards..................

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