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    Wink Canon vs HP vs Epson

    Well it's time we get this section active again. I've always been an HP guy myself but in recent years I've gotten the feeling they have slipped in quality with their inkjet photo color printers in general. Reliability of the hardware is an issue and so is the software. The ink prices are nothing short of absurd now.

    I've been seriously leaning toward Canon and was wondering how other members felt. I realize the answer may well be specific model number driven and not so much brand driven. However, I'm finally ready to deviate away from HP. Any thoughts on Canon and Epson here?

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    I have owned all three brands over the years, and currently have all three brands. On my desk I have the Epson R200. My wife has the others on her desk... It really depends on your requirements.

    But I am getting tired of inkjet cartridge costs.


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    I used Epson and have so far met my minimal printing needs.
    Save money and help save the environment.
    Use remanufactured toner cartridges on our laser printers.

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