So I'm thinking of a shuffle.

I normally use 2 places for pricematching and 1 just hiked it's prices a little. And I'm sure the other will catch on soon as well.
So here's what I am considering:

Sony 70-300mm G SSM
Sony ZA 16-80mm
Sony 50mm F1.4

The prime is not of a priority at the moment cause it is fairly cheap as it is but I can get the G for less than $800 CDN and the Zeiss for less than $700 CDN at the moment as long as they don't catch up with the SonyStyle prices soon.

I was also thinking of the Tamron and Sigma possibilities.
Tamron has to be sent to the U.S. for servicing which sucks. The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro I want is not available in my city so I'll have to go to Toronto to buy it. But the only place there that carries it will have to order it in.

Any recommendations are appreciated!