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    Most used Landscape focal length?

    I think I'm not meant for wide angle; I might not have an eye for it.
    I looked through some of my favorite landscape shots and all were taken at 18-20mm (28.8-32 FF equiv FOV) and not at 12, or 16 like I expected.

    What are your best, favorite, or most frequently used focal lengths for Landscapes?

    At this rate, I may just get the 16-35L II since it would cover my range, the 10-22 from canon is too much.
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    16mm (24mm equivalent) is by far my most used focal length. It's also as wide as my lens goes. I'd probably go wider if I could.

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    If you asked me for all time, i'd have to say 35mm.

    Its a common misconception that landscapes are done with ultra-wide-angles, they aren't, in fact the distortion is generally not wanted in normal landscape shots.

    That being said, you can make awesome landscape shots with UWA, but they are composed differently, and you have to work with the distortion for an interesting view.

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    yeah for landscapes on the 5D I usually end up somewhere between 17 and 24 on the 17-40.

    I really like the dramatic sky you can get at 17mm on FF.

    The 10-22 is an AWESOME lens, I can't speak highly enough of that, really you won't be disappointed with that one if you try it!
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    I shoot many landscapes at 50mm it all depends on the picture... if the air is cold and clear enough I have even shot some great landscapes at 80mm - 100mm it just depends on your perspective and the subject.

    and yes 16mm on a 5d is pretty wide with just a little too much distortion for my taste.
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    I am generally between 24 and 100mm on full frame. I am not made for UWA either. I learned on a film camera with a 50mm lens, and that's how I compose, can't seem to shake it.
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    I did a random sampling and these focal lengths came up the most.

    On the 20D with :

    the Canon ef-s 10-22 : Most were 10-14mm with 22mm showing up regularly as well. Other lengths randomly, but those were consistent.

    the Canon ef 24-70 : Most were in the 24-35mm range

    On the 5D and the 24-70 it seemed to stay in the 24-30mm range, with 40-55mm showing up, and then 70mm several times. I've only had the 5D for a couple of months now tho.

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    I like the classics: 24mm & 35mm.
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    I don't use as much UWA as I used to, but sometimes UWA really gives a certain perspective that you can't achieve any other way, like in this shot. (17mm on FF)....

    If your considering the 16-35 on 1.6X crop you should also consider the 17-40. For landscapes your stopped down so the f/2.8 of the 16-35 doesn't really provide any additional benefit over the f/4 of the 17-40.

    If you decide that you do want an UWA for 1.6X crop the best value is probably the Tokina 12-24 which can be had for about $350-400 in the used market.

    I would say that 24-100mm is probably my most used FL on FF for landscapes. However, I shoot landscapes from 17-200mm; some of my favorite landscapes have been at the longer end...

    140mm on FF....

    200mm on FF...
    Michael B.
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