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Thread: the nex-5

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    the nex-5

    ok....if i was an average consumer i probably wouldn't care but ..........not haveing full control of the video sucks........so back it went.......no way to turn off auto level in video mode.....only thing you can change is exp comp......but it still auto adjusts.......if i want it to get dark, i want it to get dark for a reason..grrrrrrr

    and you can't preset the video, you have to make adjustment while recording..bs
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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thank you, Steve, for sharing this view of the NEX5. Personally, I do not know of anyone using this camera, but I am certain there are a few.

    Good luck with your results.
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    Nice one SonyNut.
    I did consider the NEX purely for macro use and as a focus aid. In the end I decided against.
    I'd already (selfishly) spent plenty on gear so I humoured the better half with a trip to Germany (in itself a luxury seeing as we went to Italy in May).
    Ho Hum!

    Don, I think there are plenty using the NEX even if not in your circle.
    This is table of Japan Top Ten for July.
    NEX is now at #3 and #7.
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    I don't know how indicative it is for rest of World but Sony has traditionally done badly in Japan. Nor do I know what the actual numbers of sales are.

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