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    Question deleted DCIM folder off SD card from my card reader

    I plugged in my SD card to my multicard reader and was going to transfer pics to my flash drive. I had another folder on my flash drive that had pictures in it and thought I was deleting that folder, but instead I deleted the DCIM folder off the SD card! I just got the drives confused. Anyway, I read of this forum where I could recover the pics. I used "FreeUndelete" download that was reccommended, but it did not find any files on the SD card. Is there something I am doing wrong, or are the pics lost forever? Help I'm desperate!

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    I have very good luck with a program called Photo Recovery.
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    Try several different image recovery programs. They use different algorithms and what fails on one may work on another.

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    do not worry, you can recover deleted files from SD card with sd card data recovery tool, here's a step by step guide you can follow: SD Card data recovery

    The guide is easy to follow and helped me last time. Hope that it helps you also.
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