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    Canon Lens Cap Falling off - Suggested Solution

    OK, I have a S2 IS camera. My biggest complaint since I bought it was the lens cap keeps falling off. While I understand the purpose (at least the Marketing spin) is that it was intended this way to prevent damage to the mechanism if the camera was accidently turned on with the lens cap still on.

    OK, in a couple of years, I've never done this. But the lens cap falling off still frustrates me and I worry about scratching the lens.

    So here's my solution. Take a tube of clear silicone. The type that can be used to seal around sinks, windows, etc. You only need a drop so get the smallest tube you can find (in any hardware store). Dip a toothpick in the silicone and use it to put a very fine coat of silicone around the inside edge of the cap only (not on the camera). You don't need very much. Then let dry fully before replacing the cap.

    The results for me were exactly what I had hoped for. It fits nice and firm, but comes off when I want it too.

    If it's too tight, shave a little silicone off. Just be careful not to turn if on with the cap attached because it may be more resistance than what was intended and worse than a lost cap is a damaged camera.

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    A suggestion is to put a tether on the lens cap, that way it wont get lost.
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    Maybe something like THIS?

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    I just took a piece of string about 5" long.
    Tied one end around camera strap, and the other thru the loop on the lens cap.
    Haven't lost it since.

    - Jack

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    My S2 came with a tether from the factory...


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