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arent half bad is about right. look, if you guys want to sugarcoat everything cos you are in bed with a certain system then thats fine, your choice. the fact is that the glass Elisha has is not fantastic. for 2 reasons:

1. they arent the best at aquiring focus
2. fully extended they are weak performers.
and you know all this from your extensive testing and evaluation, I suppose, or could it just be your prejudices and preconceptions surfacing?
I wasn't aware of promoting "older, cheap" glass, maybe "older, good" glass and maybe well priced glass, but not cheap.
Neither am I guilty of sugarcoating anything, I am well aware of the limitations of the system but when set against the advantages I am satisfied that I made a good choice. Had I been starting from scratch, would I have made a different choice, I don't know, but that's water under the bridge in any case.
Do I rubbish Canikon or their Users, No! There are legitimate reasons for choosing the brand and I respect that decision.

I'd like it if you went here > http://artaphot.ch/index.php?option=...id=9&Itemid=43 < and read the article paying particular attention to what the tester says about the 28-135mm. This was a test of all the six classical professional zooms from the Sony / Minolta system (3.5/17-35mm G, 2.8/24-70mm Zeiss, 2.8/28-70mm G, 4-4.5/28-135mm, 2.8/80-200mm APO, and 2.8/70-200mm SSM on a Sony A900 over a ten day period. I can point you to other reviews of the lens which draw similarly good opinions.

I'll be very interested if you can find any evidence to the contrary, otherwise I expect a retraction of your uninformed opinion.

The rest of Elisha's lenses are a sound middle of the road choice considering the expenditure, could she have got better glass? Yes but not for the money, we don't all have unlimited budgets.