This came up a big with dr4gon over at flickr, so I figured I might as well explain.

I'm sure most of you have noticed, but there is another item in my gear sig. The $400 I had saved up for a Tamron 17-50 somehow slipped out of my hand and I ended up with a Rebel XS kit. Not too sure how it happened.

It feels cheap. The grip sucks, it doesn't have spot metering, and RAW fps really blows. But it came down to the high ISO I keep talking about, and availability. I have some stupid romanticism with brick & mortar stores. I like to talk to a human being. I'm lucky to have two decent local stores here, and neither carries Sony. I think I want to get involved in shooting for money. I really enjoy photography, and have a bit to learn before I can shoot for money, but I was starting to feel like I was investing money in Sony, and things weren't going in the direction I wanted. There are a lot of points that could be made against Sony, but I think many of them are subjective. When it comes down to it the camera is a tool. I think in a lot of cases the Sony is better than others, but for the type of shooting I have been doing, the Sony wasn't a great fit.

For one thing, it's common advice to tell people buying their first camera to go to a shop, and hold the cameras, and see which has the best "feel." I did this with the D90, A700, and 40D, and by far preferred the 40D. Maybe a D300 or A900 would have been better, but they are both a lot more expensive. So I found this killer deal on the XS kit and jumped. I'll sell the Sony stuff for glass, and start saving up for a 40D or 50D. Prices will (probably) only get lower.

As I start sorting through what I will sell, I find the idea of selling the A300 and kit lens easy, but selling the MinO 50mm and Beercan very hard. And the wireless flash, gonna miss that. I've really appreciated the help from this forum too, and plan to hang around a bit. Not in a "Sony sucks" fashion, because I don't believe that, but similar to how I already have. I have spent entirely too many hours pouring over Sony lens reviews to not be able to offer some advice from time to time. And I miss dyxum already. Gosh, what a great resource.

So there. I'm not even promising to not come back. Or switch to Nikon. But at this moment, I think Canon's system is going to work better for what I am doing.

If anyone is interested in any of my gear, PM me here or at flickr.