What hold the camera sensor still with the SSS turned off?

My theory is a combination of Einstein's Theory of Everything and Stevens Hawkins Theory of Black Holes. Although I will not get into my opinion on these matters as they may pertain to photography, I will say the following.

The sensor is held in a fixed position. Using high ISO/ASA with the A900 among its predecessors will create some noise.

Not to be so negative to those in favor of light weight tripods, I have always used the heaviest I could find. And I mean the heaviest and most robust and expensive I could find. And yes this does include hanging sand bags under Minolta 300, 400, 600mm lenses for proper stabilization. Or simply using sand bags or bean bags to hold the camera still. I use many of the auto focus lenses in manual focus mode with the Minolta9, Minolta7, Minolta 9Ti, and Minolta 7 Limited at ISA/ASA 50 and below, and Digital A700 and A900 ISO/ASA 200 and below with absolute fantastic results.

I always drape some cloth or tape over the viewfinder on bodies which do not have viewfinder closure, mirror lockup or two sec. delay (which is Mirror Lockup) on several Minolta minded camera bodies, digital Alpha included.

Long exposure have always creates problems with digital and film at any exposure for me personally. Understanding repricocity failure with films below iso 50 took me years to perfect. With the advent of digital it is much easier, although not simple to understand at any stretch of the imagination. It is truly possible to achieve such results in film and digital media.

SonyNut, personally I cannot answer this question; however I have seen similar results with certain lenses produced by Minolta, Sony and Zeiss alike. I would be interested to know the lenses you used for this test group.