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Nah ... they do not make one ... I have two flavors, though ... the 200-500mm f/6.9 and the f/5-6.3

Canon doesn't make a 200-500 anything, anyway. Just the primes.
it was a rhetorical question Don. i know they dont make one. you were just cooking the books again to make built in IS seem appealing and the CaNikon stabilised lens look super expensive and the ONLY option available to that system.

you want to compare a budget, bottom shelf tamron 200-500 lens with an exotic piece of glass like a canon or nikon 500mm f4 lens. which are 2 stops faster and are optically impecable compared to the tamron paperweight.

so if a canikon person so wanted a budget 200-500 lens they could just buy an optically stabilised sigma 200-500. so your whole experiment is pretty pointless and you're wrong again Don. not having a good run are you mate ?