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View Poll Results: Should ISO be “automatically” calculated in the MANUAL Mode? (SONY does not)

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  • Yes, I believe it should be a menu option

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  • No, MANUAL Mode means “manual”

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  • This aspect bothers me so much that I am going to another manufacturer.

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Thread: Iso - auto

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    Iso - auto

    A point of contention has erupted in the "SONY - Picture of the Day" thread, in the SONY DSLR Forum. To avoid wasted confusion about such things, where images should posted and debates elsewhere, I am asking the members to participate here ... in this POLL, to see where membership thinking is on the ISO - AUTO setting.

    As had been explained, ISO comes in quite a variety of settings on the SONY DSLRs. The ISO - AUTO feature allows the user to set limits in how the camera can adapt ISO for the following Modes: P, S, A

    ISO - AUTO is disabled in any other Mode. You cannot set limits in the "AUTO" Mode selection, either.

    Page 100 of the A700 User's Guide/Troubleshooting &
    page 90 of the A300 A350 Instruction Manual details this functionality.

    In the MANUAL Mode of camera operation, the user must declare specifically what ISO wanted to be used. You must also select Shutter Speed and Aperture to perform the proper exposure. Apparently, other camera manufacturers offer ISO - AUTO in the Manual mode.

    The debate encompasses the argument that MANUAL means "MANUAL" everything - versus - having the camera calculate ISO automatically for you.

    Please feel free to expand on your response in this thread, not in POTD.

    Thank you
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