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I think a 30mm DT is a good idea, like the Nikon, but why so slow? This had better be really cheap too.

28-75mm F2.8
- This one gets my huh? Or WTF? If it is a rebadge of the Tamron, then its the same as the 28-75 D (not G) that KM used to sell, which certainly was a rebadge of the Tamron. Why they would drop it and bring it back I don't know. I was under the impression they were getting away from Tamron. Might be a nice lens, and apparently we don't know a price tag yet.
the 30mm is not really the same as the nikon 35/1.8. for 2 reasons.

firstly its only a 2.8 lens, the nikon is 1.8. not much you think ? well its 1.3 stops faster. big deal you say ? well, its the difference between shooting at iso 400 and iso 1000. dont look so appealing now does it ?

that focal range is also covered by every single constant 2.8 lens on the market so its a duplication of the focal length without the speed. its a useless lens if its not fast.

secondly, macro lens' typically have very slow AF mechanisms so if this follows that trend...then really its a waste of time.

as for the 28-75, i think this is a great idea. the tamron version has always been optically very good but its AF is appalling and the build quality is rubbish. (like any tamron lens). so if sony can fix the AF and make it a little more robust then this lens is a real winner.

not quite sure why don thinks this is a vindication of anything he has been saying about the lens. its either gonna be a more expensive rebadged version of a pisspoor focussing tamron in which case its as pointless as the tammie. or its gonna be a much better focussing fast prosumer lens in which case it addresses the biggest issue with the tammie.