I know this kind of discussion really belongs in the Samsung forum (but in SLR or in compact?). But I wanted to get opinions from those that hang out in this forum.

One of the biggest things to come out of PMA pre-show so far was Samsung's announcement of a mirror-less APS-C camera called NX. The lens mount wasn't explained, but people so far seem to either think they will continue using Pentax, or create a new system. Looks like a neat idea, and makes me wonder about the future of SLR. People talk a lot about if FF will replace APS-C, or if the two will continue along side each other, but in addition to that question, we have the 4/3s system, and now a couple of mirror-less SLR-type cameras.

I think a large percentage of SLR owners buy an SLR to use them as high-end point and shoot cameras. I think most of us that spend the time in this forum aren't that way, but instead fancy ourselves as high-faluten "Photographers." We don't care much about size, we think on-camera flash is the devil, and lug around a heavy bag full of glass.

But this market of high-end point and shoot owners, that used to be filled by EVF super-zooms, is probably very important (and profitable). I think this may also be an area that the big electronics companies, like Samsung and Sony, have a lot of interest.

Sony's low end cameras are perhaps oddly some of the biggest of the entry level cameras, but with features like the real working live view, obviously are somewhat aimed at these high-end point and shoot users. I'm curious what others think. I still kinda doubt that mirrored cameras will go completely away anytime soon, but I expect these mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic G1 and the Samsung NX to replace mega-zoom EVF sales, and also things like the A200 and D40. Perhaps the APS-C sized sensor will go to those, and FF sensors will stay in the mid and pro-level cameras.

I don't know, but it is fun to wonder about.