Having just read Jeff's review of the FH20, I must admit to being fairly surprised by two things.

First, it's amazing high-speed/slow motion capabilities, the like of which no other digital camera can match (well, not at any reasonable price-point), even including your average dSLR.

Second surprise? Its price!!! In Australia, the FH20 is currently selling for more than $1000 from reputable Australian dealers (not grey market importers).

Considering its mediocre still image abilities (as testified to by ALL the well-known review sites); its overprocessing, its higher-than-average low(ish) ISO noise, its purple fringing (even towards frame centre) and its corner softening, I can tell Casio right now with all confidence that this camera won't find any buyers downunder unless they bring its price down ASAP to around $600 local RRP.

Having just (a few days ago) purchased a Sony DSC W-150, and also having just compared Jeff's sample images for that camera with the FH20's, it doesn't take a pixel-peeper to see how much better IQ the little Sony spits out, particularly as far as sharpness, and colour accuracy and saturation (see Mickey) are concerned. Throw in less obvious purple fringing, plus less obvious noise reduction artefacts, and the FH20's images look pretty ordinary in comparison.

Incidentally, my little Sony was only $199.

Who in their right mind is gonna pay FIVE times as much for the FH20, solely in effect, for the dubious practical necessity of its HS movie modes?