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the Oly does look nice but i would not consider a system change unless it is to Canikon.
it's hard enough to find an abundance of Sony merchandise let alone trying to find Oly or Pentax.
i would however consider Fuji if they come out with something new since they use the Nikon mount.
Same feeling about systems here. At one of the local camera shops someone told me that Sony was playing a distant 5th to Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Olympus, which I am almost positive is not true at all. However, I will say that I think the 4/3 system is very nice, and from what I can tell, there isn't a bad lens in existence. From what I have read they don't sell a single lens as bad as the current sony kit, or the older Canon and Nikon non-VR kits. However, I would be frustrated with the even bigger depth of field than we have with the APS-C digitals.

edit: I forgot to mention the fact that Olympus offer f/2.0 zooms. Holy crap that would be nice.