Today I spoke with a friend in a technical service of Sony in [...redacted...] and he told me that is possible Sony announce the new a200/a300 substitute Alpha in April.

Just one camera for 2 actual model.

It will use the same a700 sensor and will have LV with phase detection AF. The LCD will be tilting, HD and touch screen. The design will be equal to a200 with a bigger OVF than a200 and
pentmirror. It also will have video HD 720p and 30fps with AF.

Is very probably that Sony incorporate a new feature called “Touch Quick Edition”.
1. A700 sensor with LV phase detection AF... sounds great, and what I would want to see, but because of the megapixel marketing garbage, I would expect more like the A350 sensor

2. HD screen? AFAIK the best resolution on a camera LCD right now is VGA. HD would be a huge, prohibitively expensive jump, and wouldn't provide any benefit on a screen that small.

3. HD video - almost a given. Sony is probably going to lead Canon and Nikon on consumer focused features like this going forward, as they did with live view. Consumer electronics == Sony.

4. Bigger viewfinder - Holy cow I hope so, but I kinda doubt it. The A300/350 have a smaller viewfinder than the A200 because of the funky setup for the phase detection LV to work. I expect the next LV camera will be better, but I dunno if it will be much better than the A200.

5. I could see everything else, without the HD screen, and I honestly think a bigger viewfinder, touchscreen LCD, and same sensor as A700 are very unlikely, and they would make the thing VERY expensive.

What do you guys think? What sites do you look at for photo new/rumors, photography bay has been the only one that has stayed in my RSS reader.